John Novak – Fire Chief, Countyline VFD Hyder AZ

I would like to personally endorse Brian’s Fire Apparatus Repair to any fire department/district, which is looking for a budget conscience and quality mechanic. My reasoning is simply the service and pricing cannot be beat!

I have used Brian’s Fire Apparatus Repair for both departments for the past 6 years. Brian does on site inspections and repairs. This means I do not incur additional expenses to transport the unit to a repair facility and add unnecessary mileage (where and tear) on the unit.

Brian overhauled a Darley front mount pump and rebuilt a Hale mid-ship pump transmission on site for my fire district saving us a significant amount of money. After these repairs Brian recommended annual inspections. As a result, we discussed the items found on the annuals and developed a plan prioritizing repairs that needed done and those that could wait and fit within the department’s budget. He did not push minor repairs that were not needed immediately just made us aware of them and when it fit in the budget he would perform those repairs at later date.

I recently had a pump throttle issue with my front line engine, I called Brian late on a Friday, and he was available to come out that Sunday and repaired an electrical issue allowing the unit to return to service that day.

Brian’s Fire Apparatus Repair stands for Quality, Integrity and Value!

John Novak – Fire Chief

Countyline Fire Department
56813 West Gila Mountain Road
Dateland, Arizona 85333